Who are we ?

As you can see we are two teenagers :Arthur who's 18 andNina 17. We are in our last year of highschool and we are both considering to do business studies. So we asked ourselves, Why not create a website ?

During this quarantine, we wanted to be useful and help french trade. So we decided to sell this antimicrobian brass key. It was imagined and made in a local company. Our materials are 1100% french !

Today we would like this product to be distributed everywhere, it would also encourage us to continue and why not expand the choice of our products !

Do not hesitate to contact usby mail or direct chat on our website, we would be really happy to answer ! So, you learn a little bit about us, we hope to have caught you attention :) thanks !

You can follow us on Linkedin : Nina Przybylski or Arthur Brion and our instagram : @ma_clef_française / @ninaprzy / @arthurbrion59